Thursday, July 11

don't maneuver to failure

It happens all summer long.  The dock competitions.  Who can run, jump, spin, dive, leap - you name it - off the dock the best.  It's all about timing and maneuvering yourself in just the right way to have a satisfying outcome.  Belly flops don't stop them from trying the same things over and over again.  It seems the best off-the-dock outcomes are when there is no competition and they run off the end of the dock in relaxed form to cool off.

This dock scenario went well with my devotional from this morning:  "Fear is really the natural by-product of an anxious spirit.  An anxious spirit is the by-product of living under the false assumption that you can manage life by yourself, and that with effort you can maneuver circumstances into a satisfying outcome.  This lifestyle, one of performance-based acceptance, is a sure prescription for feelings of failure." ~ Charles Stanley

In this world of micro-managing, everyone is trying to maneuver things just right so things will turn out the way you want them.  If you do each step right, the outcome will be right because you are in control, right?  If things suddenly go wrong, you just put more effort into it correcting the course to get the outcome you want.  YOU keep trying and trying and trying until you end up in a puddle of tears from failure.  

Why?  Because the reality are not in control.  

God is the one in control.   

It's when you give up control and stop trying to maneuver things the way YOU want them that God can actually begin to work in your life.  When you turn to Him to lead you, guide you, turn you, move you, suddenly you can relax. You'll find that He truly does have you covered.  You can trust His plan each step of the way.  He isn't going to leave you or desert you anywhere along the way. 

It isn't about your performance because He loves you more than you can ever imagine even if you keep belly flopping. There is no competition because you are already His if you've given your life to Him which makes you a winner.

Trust Him.  It's a win-win lifestyle....or you could say, the perfect swan dive every time.

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