Saturday, July 27

glimpses of a wedding

After many miles of traveling back home, unpacking a packed up car, and quickly jumping back into our regular routine, I can finally take a breath and reflect on our recent family wedding.

A glorious beautiful older location was chosen for this event. The interior had wonderful decorating touches.

A bounty of natural light poured in through the windows with sunshine just as bountiful throughout the event.

The chairs were set up to face a simple altar area in the front of the church.

Simple flower balls were attached to the end of the rows with pink ribbon.

Vases of flowers lined each window.

A picture of the celebrating couple graced our presence as we awaited the ceremony.

A sweet granddaughter took her flowergirl duties very seriously right until the very last moment before the bride made her way up the aisle while the bridesmaid silently stood with their hydrangea bouquets.

The bride's bouquet was a bounty of pink roses.  She's already won my heart with her love for PINK.

And the minutes passed swiftly through a ceremony, a dinner, a dance, and onto the departure.

It is a collection of simple meaningful moments like this that a mom treasures in her heart forever!

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LaughingLady said...

Such sweet and beautiful simplicity!!

mom said...

There were sooo many "rules" for using this facility that it allowed for the beauty of simplicity. Much less stress on the bride which allowed for a wonderful worry-free celebration :-)


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