Wednesday, July 31

tri a pup

Usually there are grandbaby announcements found here as each one arrives.  How about a grandpup announcement? My son and daughter-in-law recently adopted this sweet little pup into their household.
Welcome, Luna!

Since someone is sure to ask, I'll tell you right now that she's a tri-colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  Just a little handful of pup who always looks like she's smiling.  I love happy dogs :-) She's adapting very well into their household and I'm anxious to see if my son can actually teach her to look both ways when she crosses a street. 

Here's to happy puppy days!

Tammy ~@~


Laura said...

She walked 3 miles today, like a boss!

mom said...

Good girl, Luna! That's a long way for those little puppy legs of hers. She may turn into a running partner for you, eh?

Love you!
Mama D :-)

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