Thursday, August 15

blooming season

Somewhere tucked in a book I have a cross-stitched bookmark that my mom made for me that says, "Bloom where you are planted."  But it's more than just a saying in my yard.... I have a sunflower plant growing in one of the basement window wells.  Even the cat is curious about it.
Even more interesting is that there's a new sunflower plant growing in the basement window well further down that wall. 

Neither sunflower plant was intentionally planted where they are growing.  I'm guessing there were some unexpected circumstances in the lives of the two sunflower seeds that landed them in unpleasant growing locations.  Perhaps a chipmunk or bird dropped the seeds into this hard rocky spot as they were flying from the bird feeders with their snack?   Yet, they've been able to receive the rain water and sunshine that they need to grow and bloom.  

Isn't life like that sometimes?  We find ourselves dropped into some unexpected circumstances that are quite unpleasant and very hard.  The tears we cry soften the hard shells that we'd prefer to stay inside and the Sonshine - Jesus - gives us the light and warmth our hearts need.  Sometimes we are surprised to find that we can still smile, laugh out loud, and BLOOM as we keep our focus upward.

No matter where your life is at the moment, I'm here to remind you that, Yes indeed, you can bloom where you are planted. God is faithful in providing everything you need to grow if you keep your eyes on Him!

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