Saturday, August 24

jarred with joy

I love those unexpected crazy kind of moments of joy that God brings in my path totally out of the blue.

Let's just say it's my least favorite time of gardening as we hit the end of the summer.  It truly is a love/hate relationship that my garden and I have as it is producing wildly but so much more than we could ever eat in one meal.  So much more than I can even pass on to others.  My garden is ALIVE with abundant food waiting to be eaten fresh from the plant.  And I even planted a lot less this year and am still dealing with this dilemma.

The as much as we can and begin the process of canning. NOW.  Doesn't matter what else is wanting your attention right NOW because you have to do the garden canning when it's ready.  Like NOW!

AND it's evident that I'm not the only one in this position because Walmart was out of their small canning lids. Completely sold out.  ARGH!

So off to the local hardware store to buy my small canning lids. They were on sale which was blessing number one.

Here's blessing number two:

I know that it may not seem like a blessing to you, but honestly, I almost whooped out loud loudly in the store when I saw these treasures.  

For years I've enjoyed this size jar that came from my mom. But I didn't have a lot of them and I haven't been able to find them anywhere.  It was always a decision between pint jars and quart jars while saving the pint & half jars for only special things.  That decision was especially harder this canning year because our family keeps shrinking and pints are too small while quarts are too large.

And then there were those beauties were sitting on the shelf waiting to bless ME!  It truly felt like one of those "I'm God's favorite" moments. 

Life can be so hard sometimes.  Be sure to open your eyes to the little ways God is looking to bless YOU today with His abundant caring just-for-you love!

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