Thursday, August 8

more than a penny

Remember these?

It's been a LONG time since I've seen one.  A real long time. Half dollars. The clerk at the post office handed it to me as part of my change from buying stamps and we both wondered aloud if the person who used it earlier had emptied an old piggy bank to come across this almost non-existent coin.

But this almost non-existent coin triggered a memory for me which took me back to when I was about 14 years old during a Christmas time which wasn't full of plenty.  My parents dug into a stash of rolled coins to share among us to spend on Christmas gifts.  Rolled half dollar coins which were carefully spent on each other making it a Christmas of more meaning than I realized at that time. 

An almost non-existent coin for today which reminded me of years gone by and how God has so faithfully and abundantly provided for myself and my family's every financial need through the years - sometimes in unusual ways - and how He will continue to provide - perhaps in more unusual ways - for all my financial needs in the future.  Definitely a reason to be thankful, I'd say!

A penny for my thoughts?  Nope, I'll take 50 cents today!

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