Saturday, August 3

rampant raspberries

Many many many years ago when we were first married and started our first garden, my mom shared some raspberry bush cuttings from her garden.  We planted them at the end of our garden and were so excited when they took root multiplying like crazy through the years.

Unfortunately, that multiplying became an issue when we made additions onto the garden because they were suddenly in the middle of the garden popping up everywhere.

So, a decision was made to remove them from the garden and transplant them near the woods where they could grow to their heart's content.

It was not a good move for those precious raspberry plants. Their heart was to be in the garden and not in the woods. They withered and died.  And soon we were all missing those wonderful raspberries that we had grown accustomed to eating over the years.

A few years ago I bought a few new raspberry plants and planted them at the end of the garden.  It's taken a little time, but they have finally begun the multiplying and filling out process.

This year's crop is simply wonderful!  We keep picking bowls full of raspberries with plans to make a pie or a crisp and the raspberries never make it to a dessert menu because they get eaten up almost as soon as they get into the house.  How thankful we are for this wonderful healthy treat!


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