Saturday, September 28

autumn glimpses

With life so busy, the first day of autumn came and went with hardly a blink of an eye almost a week ago.  

After a full day of activity today, we came home to strong winds as a weather system was moving in.  The girls were out in the field trying to fly a kite and I wandered outdoors with my camera in hand to try to capture them.  But it didn't take long before I wandered instead into my garden.  So much left to harvest, but I walked past the shouts of "pick me!" to the sunflowers.  

This was my favorite picture because you can see the still flowering zinnias, the cornstalks on the left which are still quite green, and the trees turning colors in the background. 


I'm glad I caught a quick garden glimpse because a downpour of rain chased us back indoors.

Enjoy these days before winter rolls in with hardly a blink of an eye!

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