Friday, September 20

glue on some creativity

Visiting an art museum a couple weeks ago, I was surprised to find these in one of the exhibits:

Simply fabric glued on paper.

The quilter in me said....."How easy would it be to glue quilt designs on paper and frame them?  Or do something even more creative by painting on the glued fabric?"  Right?

Of course, the reason I don't quilt now is that I have no extra time, so not sure this will be that much easier or less time consuming.  But kind of a fun idea to tuck in the back of my mind to try in the future.  Plus it could be a fun art project for my kids as we have definitely do not have a lack of fabric around here.  

Hmmmm.....heavy paper, glue, fabric. Find some awesome picture frames at a garage sale. Sounds like a plan to me!

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