Monday, October 21

decorating with our harvest

Perhaps the best part of the end of the gardening season is using the lingering plants and produce for fall decorations.
Only two pumpkins grew this summer and weren't even finished ripening, but they'll work by our porch steps.

There were almost two dozen little pumpkins that were on the vine by the end of the season and have been used for decorating indoors and out.

Unlike last year when none of the colored corn produced, we did end up with a rag tag crop this year.  Few ears were completely full of corn kernels, but I still loved them as soon as we peeled them open.  Not sure how to display them though and Pinterest gave few ideas, so I made a garland with twine and hung them over our main door.  

Since I still have many jars of beets and carrots left from last year, I decided to try something new and cover the beets and carrots with straw to stretch their season a bit.  Hopefully that will protect them from the snow that we are already getting and allow me to dig them out fresh for a bit longer.  We'll see if it works!

How thankful I am for a good gardening season and God's provision for our family by giving us a abundant harvest throughout the summer into fall season!

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