Thursday, October 10

don't fall with the fallen

"You live in a fallen world.  But as a believer in Christ, you do not have to operate with a fallen attitude.  God's presence in you renews your mind." ~ Charles Stanley

With all that is happening around us these days in this broken world, it's easy to get drawn into the drama.  We can fall into it just as quickly as the leaves are falling off the trees around our area right now.  

Drama.  Drama.  Drama.

Drama in the world.  In the country.  In my home.

Time to turn off all the drama in your mind and remember that as a believer in Jesus Christ, HE RENEWS YOUR MIND.  Get into His Word.  Grab His attitude.   Grow in who you are in Christ.  Go out into the world and be a game changer.  Give the world around you what it needs.  Jesus.  

Simple, right?

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