Friday, October 11

Five Minute Friday - Ordinary

With such tired arms and shoulders after spending my day doing something I don't ordinarily do - staining trim around the windows, as well as decks and porches - here's my five minute attempt at writing about the word for this week:


As my oldest daughter talks about life with her three littles, it always brings back flashbacks of life in my house awhile ago.  It's hard to remember those days with three left at home who are all in double digit ages now, but as she talks about the challenges of just keeping up with the ordinary daily things it comes flooding back to my memory.

Yes, the list is long.  Doing dishes, changing diapers, trying to throw a meal together with what's on hand when 5 o'clock rolls around, baths for dirty children, laundry always calling your name, shoes to tie, tears to dry, and a host of other things that seem quite ordinary in the life of a stay at home mom.  

But looking back I realize now how they were far from ordinary.  For faithfully going through all those motions for years as a mom, there were little eyes that watched, learned, and remembered.  Without realizing it, those ordinary tasks turned my children into extraordinary adults who are responsible, hard working, and committed to jobs they love.  

Moms, just keep doing all those ordinary daily tasks with love and watch them turn into something extraordinary in the lives of your children in the future!

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Elizabeth said...

You're right, all of the things a mom does, aren't ordinary at all. They are pieces of the puzzle that make up a life.

mom said...

Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth! You're right....and each piece is valuable!

Tammy ~@~

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