Thursday, October 31

the attitude of waiting

"While waiting on God's answer for your unmet needs, you may want to question yourself.  Examine your heart. Do your best to objectively consider your motives and to separate desires from needs.  In short, contemplate your attitude." ~ Charles Stanley


It's hard enough waiting on God, but when that reminder to 'contemplate your attitude' is staring you in the face, well, UGH.

It is gray beyond gray outside my windows with heavy fog and a misty rain in the cool air.  The daylight hours keep shrinking with darkness in the morning when you need to get out of bed and darkness before we eat supper.  Every year at this time, my attitude feels like it turns gray and dark, too.  Combine that with waiting on God and, well, UGH.

It is a self-induced stinky attitude.  It does require separating desires from needs.  No matter how much I desire sunshine and warm temperatures, God has set me in a place that will not meet that desire ever this time of the year.  It does take some time to examine my heart and adjust it to a place of acceptance and contentment.  

It may be gray and gloomy outside, but my heart doesn't need to reflect that.  Instead, my heart needs to reflect the contentment that comes from thanksgiving.  It's flipping my attitude from ugh to praise.  Counting my blessings and naming them one by one.  Counting my blessings and seeing what God has done.  Looking inside the windows of my home to the glow of the fire, the soft lights by the reading chair, the sound of laughter when the girls are up to mischief, the scent of warm applesauce on the stovetop.  Yup, those are the things that make waiting on God a tad bit easier, wouldn't you agree?

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LaughingLady said...

Funny how perspective changes depending on whether our vantage point is inside, looking out, or outside, looking in! I DO love the warm, inviting look of a well-lit home on a cold, dark evening... I just don't want it to BE a cold, dark evening!!

But God is good. Our NEEDS are met. And just like our favourite seasons, this one will be over eventually, too! :)

Dianna said...

A very nice post. I know for me, if I can find 3 things I'm thankful for and enter them in my gratitude journal early on in the day it just really sets the tone for the remainder of my day.

mom said...

I agree, Dianna. I think what will help this year is that I am posting what I am thankful for each day of November on Facebook. When you start counting blessings, it's impossible not to be very thankful!

Tammy ~@~

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