Saturday, November 30

the green in November

Honestly, I don't remember ever getting our Christmas tree in November before.  Ever.  Yet, with such a late Thanksgiving and kids still home for the holiday, it seemed like a good opportunity to round up a few of them to head to the tree farm to find this year's Christmas tree.

We went through the usual challenge of everyone finding the perfect tree and traveling back and forth between all the contenders to determine which one would end up being THE tree.  The losers are always sore and the winners are elated as the sawing begins.
My oldest son did the honor of sawing the tree down as the boys carried it out to the road.  We passed some green into the hand of the tree farm owner exchanging it for the green that went into the back of our van.

The tree is in the house and settling a bit tonight before we begin decorating it.  The delightful fresh scent of balsam wafts through the house.  It'll be fun to begin the month of December with our Christmas tree already settled in helping us get in the mood to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

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Friday, November 29

a blue thanks giving

Yup, Thanksgiving is definitely a time of gathering with family, eating lots of turkey, staying up way late, and hanging out.

But before we got to a lot of that, we needed to wait for the arrival of "The Cake".  Long gone are the days of waiting until the baby was born when the doctor called out, "It's a BOY!" or "It's a GIRL!".  Nope, it's a whole 'nother world nowadays as not only do new parents find out whether their baby is a boy or girl midway through the pregnancy, but then there's the announcement of the gender (check out Pinterest for tons for baby gender revelation ideas).


Soooo, our sixth grandchild will be our fourth.......

What wonderful news full of thanks giving!  And the cake was pretty wonderful, too!

I hope your holiday has been full of thanks giving, too, as we remember the Giver of all blessings....our Heavenly Father who loves us sooooo!

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Monday, November 25

that light

Looking out one of the kitchen windows, I noticed that it looked orange outside. Walking over to the deck patio door where the sunset is easier to see, the sky was lit up with a fiery orange, some pink, and a touch of purple.  The camera was nearby making it easy to take a quick picture.

It was interesting looking at this picture once it was downloaded onto my computer since when I had taken the picture my focus had been on the lighting of the sky.  What stood out to me more, however,  was the leafless trees filled with a multitude of branches that looked like a huge intricate spiderweb.

Hmmm.  I felt like it represented my life.  A huge intricate spiderweb of people and situations and family and work and church all tangled together.  Far from simple.  Impossible to untangle without a touch of pain at times.  Constantly complicated.  

Yet that light.  That glorious light in the background.

Last week during the continuous clouds and snow and wind and wintry blast of cold temperatures, someone reminded me that on the other side of all that weather that was bringing everyone down was a bright shining sun.  Kind of like when you are flying in an airplane and rise above all the heavy gray clouds to see brilliant blue skies and sunshine.  It was always there, but you couldn't see it from the vantage point of the ground.

Yes, that light.  That glorious light.

As I've continually gone back to the psalms over and over again during this long stretch of spiderweb living, all the underlined sentences have been a reminder of that light.  God is  present. He is faithful. He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.  When I make Him my delight, that glorious light shines right into my heart leaving me no choice but to praise and thank Him!

Going through a dark difficult time?  Don't despair.  There's a God who loves you abundantly on the other side of the clouds. He's waiting for you to call out to Him.  Do it and allow His glorious light to shine on your life!

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Saturday, November 23

in the pink of schooling

I think because we've home schooled for a bazillion years, it's just part of life around here.  I tend not to tell you when I'm doing laundry or making a sandwich or running to the post office.  So, there doesn't seem to be much of  a reason to tell you when we're doing school.  You know, like five days of every week.  Until.....
.....something interesting happens that makes me smile.  Like yesterday when I was sitting next to my youngest working on correcting her schoolwork for the week and smiling every time I'd glance at her bright pink wig.  There's no way I'd be able to concentrate on a single thing if *I* were wearing that wig! And can you imagine what people would say if *I* were wearing that wig!  Boy, that makes me giggle even more!

Yup, just another flexible kind of fun thing I love about home schooling!

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Friday, November 22

Five Minute Writing - Fly

Up for the challenge of five minute writing?  Write for five minutes on one word.  No editing. Post it.  Then read what others have written and encourage them.  The moment I read the word for today - FLY - I knew immediately what to write about.  Here I go:


In the midst of almost 3,000 miles I learned how to fly.

An out-of-state family wedding was planned for the middle of the summer and I could hardly wait for this event. Unexpectedly, it turned out that I was able to get a full week of vacation time and decided to pack up my three daughters and myself for a long distance road trip.  I had never traveled so far in the car in unfamiliar territory by myself with children in tow, but my heart raced at the prospect. 

It turned out to be one the most wonderful trips I have ever taken. 
Sightseeing in places that I had visited when I was their age. Sightseeing in new places. Sightseeing where God's awesomeness was impossible to miss.  Connecting with family and friends for the wedding celebration.  Beautiful summer weather.  Light hearts and laughter.

As we drove home and three pairs of eyes were sound asleep, in the quiet I reflected on how God had guided, protected, and blessed my heart over and over again.  I felt like the challenge of the trip had given me new wings.  Truly, God had let me fly in new and unexpected ways.  

Can I encourage you?  Take a leap of faith at trying something new and FLY!

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Thursday, November 21

turning toward tulips

Scene 1:  In Walmart to pick up dog food and get sidetracked mysteriously finding myself near the marked down flower bulbs.  Couldn't resist and picked up four packs of tulips.
I read the directions and giggled about the "plant in the fall before the first frost hardens the ground" part since we are way past the first hard frost.  That won't deter me from planting these now.

Scene 2:  Turning 180 degrees from my tulip picture is this view:  
This could deter me a bit from planting now, but I'm going to wait a few days for a bit of a warm-up which will hopefully melt our four inches of fresh new snow allowing me to dig enough to plant.

There were a lot of other spring flower bulbs marked down, too, so I'm even considering going back to purchase more and attempting to force several pots full of flowers to bloom before spring comes here.  Just trying to figure out where I could store them as they require a 32 to 50 degree chilling place for several weeks.

Let me tell you, it's not easy being a flower lover who lives in the tundra!

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Saturday, November 16

gate standing

Just posting this here so next spring when I'm complaining about not being able to get my garden gate to open, someone will remind me of this picture that I came across in my photos when I was looking for a tree stump picture for yesterday's post.  

Yup, my girls use the tree stump AND my garden gate for photo settings.  (And I'm trying hard not to complain because one of them has a very creative photography eye that I hope she fine tunes as she grows up!)

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Friday, November 15

Five Minute Writing - Tree

Up for the challenge of five minute writing?  Write for five minutes on one word.  No editing. Post it.  Then read what others have written and encourage them.  Today's word of the day is interesting and took me a few minutes to ponder before I could even begin writing.  Here you go:


One tree sticks out in my mind.  It began unnoticeable next to my garden fence and grew up along with my family.  All of a sudden it was big and kept busy in the fall throwing acorns into my garden.  The next spring there'd be lots of little oak trees starting to grow all over the garden and we'd pull them out one by one.  This tree continued to grow to the point that a major part of my garden was in the shade through a major part of the day.  I admired this tree and it's strength to withstand any storm as it also had qualities of serving as a shade provider, squirrel hideout, bird nester, and a burgundy fall tree of beauty.  But its strengths by this point were overshadowed by its weakness of overpowering my garden which refused to grow in shade.  It had to come down and down it came as my husband used his heavy equipment to take it down in pieces.  
Now the garden grows marvelously and the stump which remains is used as a photo op spot for my girls.

It's a reminder that our strength can sometimes dominate and overshadow others in our life who need Sonshine to grow. Sometimes we have to get out of the way.....

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Thursday, November 14

what if

So thinking about prayer lead me to this:

     "I once wrote that God always answers us in the deeps, not in the shallows of our prayers.  Hasn't it been so with you?
     One of the hardest things in our prayer life is to accept with joy and not with grief the answers to our deepest prayers.  At least I have found it so.  It was a long time before I discovered that whatever came was the answer.
     I had expected something so different that I did not recognize it when it came.  And He doesn't explain.  He trusts us not to be offended; that's all."
     ~Amy Carmichael

I read this over and over again.  Why?  Because I've been praying one of those deepest prayers for a long time as I've asked for God's wisdom and clarity.  I've kept thinking He is telling me to WAIT on Him.  WAIT some more.  But what if what I'm seeing before me IS the answer and I have not recognized it. And He isn't explaining it. AND that I should not be offended that He's answered this way, but accept His answer, trust Him, and move forward.

Let's just say I'm going to be pondering this all day.  And praying more.

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Tuesday, November 12

pray more

Every time we pray,

our horizon is altered,

our attitude to things

is altered, not sometimes

but everytime, and the 

amazing thing is that

we don't pray more.

~Oswald Chambers

My thought for the day.

Pray more!

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Monday, November 11

Simple Woman's Daybook for November 11

For November 11

Outside my window.....the skies are the traditional color of November - GRAY.  Heavy cloudiness almost every day with scattered flurries of snow.

I am thinking.....about the typhoon that hit in the Philippines crossing over an island that my oldest daughter had served on for a summer's mission trip.  Such devastation in such a short time.

I am have adult children who I enjoy spending time with when there's opportunities to be together.

I am wearing....WARMTH!  Long sleeves and a fleece zip-up with long pants and fuzzy socks.  I'd wear mittens, too, but it's hard to type with them on.

I am hearing.....the tick tock of the clock in a momentarily quiet house.

I am wondering.....why mermaids are such a fascination to little girls?

I am creating.....a list of ideas for Christmas gifts.

I am take this big stack of mail to the post office tomorrow. I forgot that they were closed today in honor of veterans.  

I am reading....."mudhouse sabbath" by Lauren F. Winner

I am praying.....for a friend who had major surgery last week after a diagnosis of breast cancer.

I am remembering.....the years ago November when I cooked up a bunch of fresh pumpkin for recipes.

I am hoping.....we stay healthy as apparently there's a lot of *bugs* going around right now.

On my finding the snow shovel that the dog keeps dragging away since there's fresh snow on the porch this morning. 

From the learning rooms.....the high school transcript is current for my high school senior as we march on through college applications and scholarship forms.  Can you say PAPERWORK? 

I am to play with Microsoft Office a bit more for letter writing which includes formatting for pictures.

Noticing seems to be taking me longer to adjust to the cold of the season.

I am looking forward to.....most of my older ones coming home for Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks.

Pondering these words....."There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind." ~ C.S. Lewis

From the kitchen.....we will be enjoying more homemade soups.  YUMMY!

Around the house....are signs of autumn - a bag full of pine cones, little pumpkins, and lots of apples.

One of my favorite things.....are letters from my grands.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....include making more applesauce, working on a newsletter for work, sorting through the toy box to reduce clutter, and a board meeting at the end of the week.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....
Haven't been to a hockey game in over 30 years, but really enjoyed attending a college hockey game over the weekend. We sat right down by the ice, so I had to get over jumping every time they banged the glass in a scramble in front of us. It sure was fun though and I'm glad we took the time to travel to do this.

Thank you for stopping and visiting my daybook on this day. If you'd like to visit others who are participating in the November daybook or write a journal yourself, please stop over at Peggy's at Simple Woman's Daybook

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Saturday, November 9

Encouraged once again!


Yippppeeeee for the Annual Homeschool Blog Awards!  What fun it is to spend some time seeing what homeschoolers around the country are up to these days as you visit other blogs who are nominated.

Garden Glimpses has been nominated again for "Best Encourager Blog"!  Voters are allowed to vote one time a day per device and I would soooo appreciate your vote from now until November 18th.  It's just a matter of clicking on the link below, scrolling down to Garden Glimpses, and clicking on the circle in front of my blog name.  Then scroll down and click on VOTE.  

Thank you to all of you who regularly encourage ME through your emails!  

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Monday, November 4

go ahead and abound

Flipped my calendar page over the weekend and guess what it was about?  GRACE!  How fitting as my last post was attempting to write about grace in a mere five minutes which is just about impossible.  The verse of the month treats GRACE much better than I did:

"And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all you need, you will abound in every good work." ~ Second Corinthians 9:8

What's interesting about this verse is that it is smack dab in the middle of a chapter of Scripture talking about giving. About giving a gift for other believers, sowing what you reap, giving generously, being thankful, and doing it cheerfully without reluctance or under compulsion.  Yet all of those verses surrounding this verse come back to this specific verse.  Why? Because God is our example of giving.  He is able to make ALL grace abound to you so you will have ALL you need to abound in EVERY good work.  

Now, isn't that one of the best things you've heard today?

Go and abound today and every day in November as He supplies the grace you need!

Tammy ~@~

Friday, November 1

Five Minute Friday - Grace

Here's my five minutes for the word of the week:


A friend with tears in her eyes said to me this past week......"How do people who don't know God get through these kinds of things?"   

How indeed do they?

God's grace carries us through all the challenges of life.  His grace is undeserved, unearned, unmerited, and FREE to all those who believe in the name of Jesus Christ.  It's available 24/7.  And it pulls us through the tough times because it comes wrapped up in His love.

It's that sense of peace that comes from those middle of the night can't sleep times of talking to Him.

It's that bit of encouragement that comes from an unexpected phone call or note in the mail.

It's that sliver of sunshine on a gray November day.

It's that whisper of "I love you, mom!" when tears are flowing down your face.

It's that unforeseen answer to prayer that reveals that God was listening and His plan was better than yours.

Why?  Because His grace reveals His unchanging love for me through thick and thin.  And for that I am very thankful on this first day of November!

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