Friday, November 22

Five Minute Writing - Fly

Up for the challenge of five minute writing?  Write for five minutes on one word.  No editing. Post it.  Then read what others have written and encourage them.  The moment I read the word for today - FLY - I knew immediately what to write about.  Here I go:


In the midst of almost 3,000 miles I learned how to fly.

An out-of-state family wedding was planned for the middle of the summer and I could hardly wait for this event. Unexpectedly, it turned out that I was able to get a full week of vacation time and decided to pack up my three daughters and myself for a long distance road trip.  I had never traveled so far in the car in unfamiliar territory by myself with children in tow, but my heart raced at the prospect. 

It turned out to be one the most wonderful trips I have ever taken. 
Sightseeing in places that I had visited when I was their age. Sightseeing in new places. Sightseeing where God's awesomeness was impossible to miss.  Connecting with family and friends for the wedding celebration.  Beautiful summer weather.  Light hearts and laughter.

As we drove home and three pairs of eyes were sound asleep, in the quiet I reflected on how God had guided, protected, and blessed my heart over and over again.  I felt like the challenge of the trip had given me new wings.  Truly, God had let me fly in new and unexpected ways.  

Can I encourage you?  Take a leap of faith at trying something new and FLY!

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Sarah McBride said...

I just love this! Sounds like a wonderful trip. I would love to take a road trip sometime. And what a great picture! :)

Dianna said...

I love your enthusiasm to do something you had not done before!

mom said...

Go for it, Sarah! And do try something new, Dianna! It's fun to stretch your wings once in awhile :-)

Tammy ~@~

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