Friday, November 15

Five Minute Writing - Tree

Up for the challenge of five minute writing?  Write for five minutes on one word.  No editing. Post it.  Then read what others have written and encourage them.  Today's word of the day is interesting and took me a few minutes to ponder before I could even begin writing.  Here you go:


One tree sticks out in my mind.  It began unnoticeable next to my garden fence and grew up along with my family.  All of a sudden it was big and kept busy in the fall throwing acorns into my garden.  The next spring there'd be lots of little oak trees starting to grow all over the garden and we'd pull them out one by one.  This tree continued to grow to the point that a major part of my garden was in the shade through a major part of the day.  I admired this tree and it's strength to withstand any storm as it also had qualities of serving as a shade provider, squirrel hideout, bird nester, and a burgundy fall tree of beauty.  But its strengths by this point were overshadowed by its weakness of overpowering my garden which refused to grow in shade.  It had to come down and down it came as my husband used his heavy equipment to take it down in pieces.  
Now the garden grows marvelously and the stump which remains is used as a photo op spot for my girls.

It's a reminder that our strength can sometimes dominate and overshadow others in our life who need Sonshine to grow. Sometimes we have to get out of the way.....

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bubblemomentpages said...

Thank you for this post, truly. I feel I was meant to read it. My daughter is almost three and testing, pushing and growing in every way possible. This is a great perspective and piece of advice! I'm going to step out of the way and give her time and sunshine all her own so she can grow as the little individual character she is. I love the stump as a photo for your family.

Dianna said...

What a lovely comparison, Tammy. I hadn't thought about it in that exact way before...this allowing our strengths to overshadow those who need SONshine!

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