Monday, November 25

that light

Looking out one of the kitchen windows, I noticed that it looked orange outside. Walking over to the deck patio door where the sunset is easier to see, the sky was lit up with a fiery orange, some pink, and a touch of purple.  The camera was nearby making it easy to take a quick picture.

It was interesting looking at this picture once it was downloaded onto my computer since when I had taken the picture my focus had been on the lighting of the sky.  What stood out to me more, however,  was the leafless trees filled with a multitude of branches that looked like a huge intricate spiderweb.

Hmmm.  I felt like it represented my life.  A huge intricate spiderweb of people and situations and family and work and church all tangled together.  Far from simple.  Impossible to untangle without a touch of pain at times.  Constantly complicated.  

Yet that light.  That glorious light in the background.

Last week during the continuous clouds and snow and wind and wintry blast of cold temperatures, someone reminded me that on the other side of all that weather that was bringing everyone down was a bright shining sun.  Kind of like when you are flying in an airplane and rise above all the heavy gray clouds to see brilliant blue skies and sunshine.  It was always there, but you couldn't see it from the vantage point of the ground.

Yes, that light.  That glorious light.

As I've continually gone back to the psalms over and over again during this long stretch of spiderweb living, all the underlined sentences have been a reminder of that light.  God is  present. He is faithful. He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.  When I make Him my delight, that glorious light shines right into my heart leaving me no choice but to praise and thank Him!

Going through a dark difficult time?  Don't despair.  There's a God who loves you abundantly on the other side of the clouds. He's waiting for you to call out to Him.  Do it and allow His glorious light to shine on your life!

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Dianna said...

The picture is beautiful. Thank you for sharing how the Lord spoke to your heart as you reflected back over the picture once it was downloaded to your computer. Beautifully written.

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