Saturday, November 30

the green in November

Honestly, I don't remember ever getting our Christmas tree in November before.  Ever.  Yet, with such a late Thanksgiving and kids still home for the holiday, it seemed like a good opportunity to round up a few of them to head to the tree farm to find this year's Christmas tree.

We went through the usual challenge of everyone finding the perfect tree and traveling back and forth between all the contenders to determine which one would end up being THE tree.  The losers are always sore and the winners are elated as the sawing begins.
My oldest son did the honor of sawing the tree down as the boys carried it out to the road.  We passed some green into the hand of the tree farm owner exchanging it for the green that went into the back of our van.

The tree is in the house and settling a bit tonight before we begin decorating it.  The delightful fresh scent of balsam wafts through the house.  It'll be fun to begin the month of December with our Christmas tree already settled in helping us get in the mood to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

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