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Day 1 - something you are reading

A Disruptive Faith - Expect God to Interrupt Your Life 
by A.W. Tozer

Browsing through the bookstore at Focus on the Family back in September, it would have been easy to fill my arms with books. But I knew it would be impossible to take that many back in my carry-on luggage, so I settled on only a few.  This was one of them.  

The author, A.W. Tozer, is one of my favorites.  His books are never a quick read, but ones I need to linger over as I "chew" on his thoughts and words.  This particular book is on a never before published teaching of his about faith. 

I'm not very far into this book yet, but here's a quote to consider:  "Christ was made perfect through suffering. Some things you will never know until you have suffered.  I wish I did not have to write this.  I have an edgy feeling sometimes that I wish I did not always have to say the truth.  It would be wonderful to quote nice things and tell people how good they are.  People would congratulate me and say, 'That was wonderful.  I feel so much better.'  But the truth is, there are some things you cannot know until you suffer." 

That truth hit my heart.  Why?  Because I have found it to be true.  Suffering brings knowledge with it that you would never know any other way.

All that to say....this book should be an interesting read.

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NOTE: I'm trying something I don't think I've ever done in all my years of blogging - participating in a Photo-A-Day Challenge through the month of December. I suppose you really aren't suppose to write anything with your photo of the day, but it's hard for a writer not to write, you know?   If you'd like to join in, please link up at Lulabelle's Blog


LaughingLady said...

You always pick such good books! I'd like to borrow some from your library!! It's so true, what he says about suffering. And you know, I think that goes hand-in-hand with why/how it fits into God's plan for human history. There are just things we wouldn't know about God if it weren't for evil and suffering. And it's generally only when our faith is tested by suffering that it tends to attract attention and make Christians stand out from the world around them.

Good luck with the photo challenge. I did one last July and it's tougher than I thought it would be!!

mom said...

Oh boy, I have soooo many books in my library for you to borrow from, Tammi! I really need to thin my book load down as my shelves are overflowing....someday

I'm hoping the photo challenge will be a good distraction from the craziness of Christmas coming and keep me writing a bit more. Time will tell....

Tammy ~@~

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