Monday, December 2

a game

Day 2 - your idea of "cheer"


Remember playing 'telephone' when you were a kid  and how funny it was when the last person in line repeated the message?

The new game we picked up right before Thanksgiving is much like that only it's a combination of drawings and writing what you think you see on the spiral bound books that get passed around the table.  We played this game each night over the long weekend with a minimum of 8 people at a time - there are supplies for up to 12 - and had an absolute blast! Everyone has a two-sided card that has a list of six items on each side.  The dice is rolled and you write down the item that corresponds with the number and pass your booklet to the person next to you who has to quickly draw it.  Once they've drawn it, they pass it to the person who is next to them who writes down what they are seeing and passes it to the next person.  ETC. Trust me, when the picture gets back to the original owner it is seldom anything like the word that they had written down in the beginning.   

God's Word says that laughter is good medicine.....if you are in need of good health, check this game out and take a good dose of it because it really does make you laugh out loud A LOT!

Tammy ~@~


LaughingLady said...

I'm not much of a game-player, but that one sounds like one I could persuade myself to try!

mom said...

It's worth a try! And you may even find yourself enjoying it ;-)

Tammy ~@~

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