Friday, December 13

on the tree

Day 13 - ornaments

hanging on faith

No fancy schmancy photo programs here to do a collage of ornaments, so I had to pick just one ornament to highlight. The decision to pick this one was easy.  For you see, this whole holiday would seem rather empty and cold and materialistic and self-centered without this piece.  


We celebrate Christmas and the remembrance of the King of Kings who humbly came to this earth as a baby born in a stable.  If He hadn't come, hadn't lived, hadn't died for our sins, hadn't risen again to give us life, there'd be nothing to have faith in that would matter.  Nothing at all.  Our faith in Him does matter because it whispers eternity to our hearts.  

May you hear His whisper of love for YOU during this season!

Tammy ~@~

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