Wednesday, December 11

sing along

Day 11 - Christmas music

music for the season

Our Christmas CDs are brought up to the kitchen right after Thanksgiving and stored in the cabinet right next to the bowls. It's quite an eclectic collection of music.  It's nice to add new CDs to our collection and we almost added a new one this year. I just couldn't go country no matter how much the girls would have liked it.....


Tammy ~@~


LaughingLady said...

Haha, I can barely get away with ANY Christmas music (hubby's a little on the Scrooge-y side when it comes to almost all the holiday trimmings and trappings...), and there's NO WAY country would EVER be tolerated around here!!

mom said...

LOLOL! Now I'm many Canadians like country music?

Tammy ~@~

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