Friday, May 31

fully picked

A friend shared with me this week how sweet it was when her two young sons brought in a bouquet of dandelions for her.  She was, of course,  blessed more by their smiles and love than the flowers.

The friend who was chatting with us shared how important it was to gush and exclaim how wonderful those yellow flowers were and invite them to pick all the bouquets they could while outside.  "A sure fire way to reduce the number of dandelions next year," she said with a ear-to-ear grin on her face.  

I'm not sure I have enough kids, enough vases, or enough time in the day for all of our dandelions to be picked.  EVER. But I thought I'd pass the idea on for someone else to try!

Enjoy spring!

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Thursday, May 30

Quilt Festival time!

As a quilter, I simply adore Amy's Quilt Festivals which she holds twice a year - spring and fall.  For five years she's held this event which continues to grow with a variety of quilt categories to choose from as you go "ohhhhhh" and "ahhhhh".

Right now I'm at least two quilts behind as I have two grandsons waiting on a quilt from Grammy.  Then there's my girls who'd like new quilts for their beds.  And what about the couple of quilts I'd like to make from a block sending project I did with a bunch of homeschooling friends?  What about the fabric I picked up seven years ago in Hawaii for a lapquilt?  Oh dear.  Lots of quilts are calling my name, aren't they?

Since I have no quilt to share this time, please go and visit Amy's Blogger's Quilt Festival :: Spring 2013 and enjoy the wonderful beauty and creativity of quilts from around the world!

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Wednesday, May 29

how to "play"

One of my daughters had a bit of a hold up with finishing her literature book for the year.   She doesn't like it when an editor puts literature into "play" form.  So when she came upon a classic story that was like that, she stopped reading her literature book. 
Not reading your literature book means you won't complete your literature course for the year.  So I suggested that she talk to her younger sister about reading this particular story/play with her.  Each one could pick a few parts to read and before she knew it she'd be done with this long play and could finish reading the rest of the stories in this book.
So one early spring day I found them on the deck reading through this classical story - The Big Wave by Pearl S. Buck. They weren't  sitting in the chairs on the deck, but were reading through the rails of the deck and enjoying the sun. 
It wasn't their usual fun reading fare, but instead a rather serious story.  Thought provoking.  Line by line they read together until they were done.
Once again blessed by the flexibility of homeschooling which enables you to complete things in the ways that work best for your matter how unusual it may be at times.

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Tuesday, May 28

Simple Woman's Daybook for May 28

For May 28

Outside my window.....the skies are a heavy gray with a chance of rain throughout the day.

I am thinking.....about ways that may work to dislodge my metabolism which seems to be stuck in low gear with this season of menopause.  

I am thankful.....that we had sunny weather all weekend even if it was a little cool as it allowed us to spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors.

I am pants, a white tank, and a brightly flowered cardigan sweater.

I am hearing.....the sound of the morning birds outside my window.

I am productive I'll be this week as I'm feeling tired after the busy family weekend.

I am creating.....a to-do list for our upcoming family wedding.

I am order a new pair of running shoes.  

I am reading.....only my devotional and Bible right now.  No time to get into any other books at the moment, so reading the best there is!

I am praying.....for my son who has completed his military commitment and now needs to go through the mountain of paperwork to get out.  It would be nice if he was done before his wedding.

I am much I DISLIKE wood ticks!

I am start my garden planting later this week.

On my a big fundraising event for the ministry I work for and all those last minute details yet to tackle.

From the learning rooms.....we are almost completely done with our studies! A couple of those subjects that they just.don' are lingering with each daughter.  

I am to run a new FAX machine today.

Noticing's quickly becoming green in my woods. A little more rain would help.

I am looking forward lilacs opening up soon.

Pondering these words....."Jesus sums up common-sense carefulness in a disciple as infidelity.  If you have received the Spirit of God, He will press through and say—now where does God come in this relationship, in this mapped out holiday, in these new books?  He always presses the point until we learn to make Him our first consideration.  Whenever we put other things first, there is confusion." ~ Oswald Chambers

From the kitchen.....this weekend was one of my kids' favorite meals - brats, homemade potato salad, baked beans, and cantaloupe.

Around the house....are clumps of fur from the dog as he sheds his winter coat.

One of my favorite planting flowers in the springtime.  I love it!

A few plans for the rest of the week.....include a couple full days of work, a committee meeting I need to travel for and a committee meeting here, school corrections, garden planting (I hope!), meeting with a friend over coffee, and catching up on laundry as we transition our closets from winter to spring.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....
A smattering of spring flowers in the creek by our cabin.

Thank you for stopping and visiting my daybook on this day. If you'd like to visit others who are participating in the May daybook or write a journal yourself, please stop over at Peggy's at Simple Woman's Daybook

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Friday, May 24

be tough

"God answers the heartfelt cries of His people.  He wants you to know and believe that He will deliver you from all trouble.  And even if the trouble remains for a season, He will provide and care for you.  Your responsibility is simply this:  be willing to love and worship God.  Sound too simplistic?  Try it for a week.  Let go of arguing your point of view.  Put aside resentment, self-righteousness, and any pride that have placed enmity between you and others.  Then set the focus of your life and heart on Jesus Christ.  Doing this may be one of the toughest things you have ever done."  ~ Charles Stanley

Take the mindset of our culture that thinks everything should be easy and combine it with the troubles of life in a world that already lives far from the truth found in God's Word.  What a mess! 

The only hope there is can be found in Jesus Christ.  Setting your heart and mind on Him.  And worshipping Him when it is the very last thing you feel like doing.  Truly, the enemy flees when he's in the presence of praises to God.  

Try it.  Be tough.  Worship Him. Watch your heart soften by His peace as you praise in Him the midst of life's storms.  

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Tuesday, May 7

THAT peace

Doing a little mini study on peace recently brought me to this writing:

"Are you painfully disturbed right now, distracted by the waves and billows of God's providential permission, and having, as it were, turned over the boulders of your belief, are you still finding no well of peace or joy or comfort; is all barren?  Then look up and receive the undisturbedness of the Lord Jesus.  Reflected peace is the proof that you are right with God because you are at liberty to turn your mind to Him." ~ Oswald Chambers

And this morning I read this in my devotional:

"Don't allow life's obstacles to keep you from enjoying God's plan for your life.  God has allowed them for a purpose.  Trust Him, and realize that when you feel out of control, He is never shaken." ~ Charles Stanley

With confirmation in God's Word:

"And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." ~ Philippians 4:7

God is a solid rock.  We can look to Him and find His undisturbedness (don't you love that big word?!) and see that He in never shaken.  That kind of peace does surpass our human understanding, especially in today's world of craziness. And that kind of peace is available to everyone who trusts in Him as their Lord and Savior.  

It reminds me of the storm on the seas when the disciples were tossed about in a boat with Jesus aboard sleeping (Matthew 8:23-27).  Oh ye of little faith!  Trust Him because He has power over the storms of life and will help you stand with His peace in your heart!

Tammy ~@~

Thursday, May 2

watering the garden

It's May!  There is no better way to celebrate one of my favorite months than by sharing a bright bouquet of flowers!  

Let's take a look at the verse for the month:

"The Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones;  You shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail." ~ Isaiah 58:11

What an encouraging verse and easily understandable as a gardener.  Water is such a regular necessity for satisfying a growing garden.  It's always a delight to walk through the garden after a rainfall because you can visibly see the garden plants perk up, especially during the hot days of summer. When the rains aren't coming, the gardener needs to be especially diligent in supplying water to the plants so they won't wither away.

What an encouraging verse as a believer and so helpful  to read this verse in context by reading through the entire chapter 58 of Isaiah.  The first several verses talk about the difference between a true time of fasting and a false time of fasting.  A true fast results in helping the poor, the afflicted, the hungry. It is being the light of the Lord and serving Him in difficult places.  You are able to do that with His guidance, His strength, as He is our Living Waters to draw upon knowing He will never fail.  This chapter ends with acknowledging the Sabbath as a holy day of the Lord; a day that we do not seek our own way or pleasure, but instead delight in the Lord.  

Delight in the Lord while living for Him and become a bright bouquet of flowers  to those who cross your garden path!

Tammy ~@~

Wednesday, May 1

another sign of spring

Yup, a definite sign of spring!

Nope, it has nothing to do with warmer temperatures!

Part of going through my gardening box to check out leftovers from last year is seeing how many popsicle sticks have been collected over the winter.   They make easy garden row markers when planting the garden.  You can use permanent markers to write on them the name of the vegetable you are planting in each row.

AND, as you can see, we apparently didn't eat many treats with popsicle sticks all winter so we need to work on it double time to have enough for the upcoming garden season.  This is one chore that NO ONE complained about when I mentioned the task before them!

Tammy ~@~

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