Friday, January 24

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Wow, I can't believe a week has passed and I haven't written   a thing! Time for that to change.  Up for the challenge of five minute writing? Write for five minutes on one word.  No editing. Post it.  Then read what others have written and encourage them by going to Five Minute Friday  The word     for today is:  Visit.    Ready?  Set?  GO:


Recently going through one-on-one kind of childbirth classes with a young couple who missed the local childbirth classes offered through the hospital, I was delighted to hear this first time mama's voice on the phone announcing the arrival of her baby.  But my heart sank when I heard the words saying that nothing went the way she had hoped.

The best way to hear the birth story was to pay a visit up at the hospital with these new parents whom I had developed a kinship with over just a few weeks of meeting.

Our visit began with them offering me a baby holding (better known as a heart melting in my book) as they told about their labor and delivery story.  An hour by hour blow by blow version was shared which lead to the end result of an unexpected cesarean section.   They had prepared for their birth, done their best through out the labor, and made critical decisions when necessary.

Their eyes were beaming as they exclaimed that every single bit of it was worth it for that bit of warm soft love in my arms. 

As I gently handed this precious bundle back into the arms of a new daddy ending the time of my visit, my congratulations to them were smothered by their heartfelt thanks for coming alongside them on this new journey.  

What a perfect dose of happiness to help cure the winter blues!

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Jessica Hoover said...

Tammy, I loved this ,but not for the reasons you may think. It was beautifully written though! I am a birth doula and offer in-home private childbirth ed. I know those dreaded words too and you are right it is so good if you can offer a listening ear in person. Sounds like you are a huge blessing to those you serve with childbirth ed. So glad that I was behind you in line at FMF!

jviola79 said...

What a wonderful form of comfort and encouragement you offer to first time moms. So glad that I visited from FMF this morning! Blessings!

Tammy said...

Thank you, both, for your words of encouragement today!

Tammy ~@~

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