Saturday, January 11

never tire of blessings

Sometimes when you are in the midst of a mishap, it's hard to see the blessings.  It's after you process the whole event  that you can't miss all the ways God took care of you.  

Like yesterday.

It was time to take one of my sons back to college.  We headed out the door mid-morning and were a little over an hour into our drive when the car started suddenly thumping.  Initially we thought it was a snow chunk that came loose in the wheel well, but it got worse as my son pulled over to the side of the highway concerned it could be a tire.

Yup, definitely a tire.  A totally blown off tire lying behind the car.  Yikers!
At the time, it felt like a disaster.  But let me count the blessings that were realized:

*Often traveling alone, this time I had an adult son with me.

*My son knew where the spare tire was and how to take off the old tire to put on the spare tire (okay, I've never had a tire issue in my life and would have had a hard time figuring it out).  

*My son was strong enough to get four of the lug nuts off, but got stuck with the final one.  It would not  That was the moment when an older gentleman in a pick-up truck stopped behind us.  He had a better tool that worked to get it off, helped with the jack, gave my son some tips. So blessed my son was teachable throughout the whole time with this man God provided at the right moment.

*This happened during the daytime in the sunshine right after the polar vortex lifted so we weren't dealing with extreme below zero temperatures.

*I texted a couple of friends who lived fairly close by who were willing to help if needed, but primarily prayed.

*This happened close to an exit by a service station.  The spare tire was very small and we just made it there before it was flat. We were able to put some air in it and travel about 10 miles further down the road to a small town where some thought there'd be a tire store.

*Another son was driving from the opposite direction as he was coming home from his fiance's house and could have helped us however we would have needed.

*We found the tire store immediately and after checking they had ONE used tire our size.  They replaced our tire, rotated some tires, took the old blown out tire, and made sure all the tires were properly inflated.  Very friendly, helpful staff with this stop costing us a total of $55.

*My son and I had some quality talking time.

*We were delayed about two hours, but I was still able to get my son to college and turn around to come home in the same day arriving safe and sound being blessed with no precipitation of any kind.

*Today I had a lesson on how to check air pressure in my tires and fill them as needed.

I know.  Not the most exciting post I've ever written.  But I was so struck by how God took care of us from start to finish that I wanted to make sure I recorded the blessings.  It was a good thing to share with a daughter who the day before was questioning how to feel God's love. This was a perfect example of God moving so many things into place at just the perfect moment to reveal His love and care for us.  

God is good all the time!  All the time God is good!

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LaughingLady said...

SO many blessings from one mishap! Our God is so good!!

Kimmie said...

Love this. It reminds me of that song, "count your many blessings, count them one by one, ....see what God has done!"

Glad that God's hand is so firmly upon you and that He worked out every detail.

Praising Him with you.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Kimmie said...

ps- loved your letter and really made me smile and appreciate you more. Wow, you have such an amazing family...God is good.

thank you sweet friend.

Tammy said...

Thanks, my friends :-)

I think of that song often, Kimmie, and I think it's important to be doing when the season of life is hard. Keeps our focus where it needs to be. And you're welcome! Wish life wasn't so busy right now....I miss touching base with you more often.

Tammy ~@~

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