Friday, January 31

the hero of my day

Friday is here!  Up for the challenge of five minute writing? Write for five minutes on one word.  No editing. Post it.  Then read what others have written and encourage them by going to Five Minute Friday The word for today is: Hero   Ready?  Set? GO:


Hero indicates a rescue.

An hour ago I was rescued by hero.

For you see, after the extreme cold left town, in came temperatures near 20 degrees and SNOW.  Add that to a daughter whose vehicle had no gas when it was time to leave for play practice after supper who instead drove mom's car which is not good in snow.  Compound that with her arriving back home at 10 PM and not being able to get up the small hill into the garage since the driveway hadn't been plowed yet, so she backed down the hill to get a better running start only she backed quite well into a snowbank.  Combine that with a father out of town and only us girls to try to dig her out in the dark.

Yup, epic fail.

After digging and repeatedly trying with no success, we turned the car off and went to bed, only to let the dog out this morning and hear him barking at our car stuck in the driveway. Frozen stuck in 12 below zero degrees with the sun just coming up in the sky.

And then the wonderful young guy who plows our long driveway came along to do the job he regularly does every time it snows. He smiles when he tells me that we are the first car he's pulled out this winter.  (What an honor, right?) He gets his truck in position, attaches the front frame of the car to the strap, and pulls me out with room to spare.  

I'm quite certain he had no idea I thought he had a superman cape underneath all his below-zero winter gear, but without a doubt he was my hero.

What an encouragement to me to remember that although a lot of things that I do seem commonplace and part of my regular job, those very things can be hero material to someone else.  Just need to be available where the Lord leads!

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Laura Connell said...

Love this story about the everyday hero. Best kind! Kinda funny, I wrote about my daughter, the actress. Sounds like your daughter acts, too. Visiting from Lisa-Jo Baker's site.

Richelle Wright said...

the heroes hidden all around us... isn't it true? i wonder what our communities would be like if we started really seeing those heroes.

glad he was there when your hubby couldn't be.

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