Friday, January 10

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It's finally Friday!  Up for the challenge of five minute writing? Write for five minutes on one word.  No editing. Post it.  Then read what others have written and encourage them by going to Five Minute Friday The word for today - SEE - caused me to open my eyes a bit. Now to put those thoughts into 5 minutes? GO:


How fascinating it is that we tend to go by what we see. People, relationships, situations are all judged by what we see before us and we don't hesitate to share that information with others. Yet what we see is only the top layer of what is often far from the truth.  

But who cares, right?  Who has time to go deeper to see what is real?  What is true?

Normally I probably wouldn't give this more time or thought and would move on with my day.  However, our family has experienced some major shifts and people around us are seeing something different.  They are now judging by what they see and don't hesitate to share that information with others. However, what they are seeing is only the top layer of a much deeper reality.

And it hurts.

And yet, it draws our family that much closer to the One who sees all things.  Who knows all things.  Who will never leave us nor forsake us. Whose love for us doesn't change despite what He sees.

Realizing this personally on a deeper level causes me to me, dear Lord, to come alongside those on my path who You see are hurting and need a friend!

Tammy ~@~


Lynn K said...

Beautiful and so true Tammy. It is so sad when people don't take the time to look just a little deeper and see the pain and hurt their casual glance has wrought. Here's is wishing you blessings and loads of love from the One who loves you more abundantly and deeply than you ever could know. And who truly sees. xxx

Tammy said...

Thanks for speaking a blessing into my life, Lynn! Just what I needed :-)

Tammy ~@~

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