Monday, January 6

too much holiday

The holidays are over.  Why then do I feel so tired?  After all, I shouldn't be as I consider one of the definitions I found for holiday - a day of freedom from work.  

I'm wondering how many moms consider that as an accurate definition of a holiday?  A day of freedom from work?  Hardly.  

No, I'm not complaining.  I do really enjoy all the parts of the holidays - the decorating, the baking, the presents, the cooking, the board games, the laughter, the heart-to-heart talks, the barking, the cleaning, the hugging, the toasting, the shopping, the bantering, the everything.  But, honestly, it all adds up to a lot of work.
Okay okay, I confess to feeling like the grandpup tonight. There's the desire to curl up somewhere and just catch a little bit o'rest.  Peek out at the world only when necessary.  Relax a bit now that the house is getting back to order again.  Settle into the winter routine.  Not think for awhile.

But alas, life calls.  Back to work. Time to refocus.  Both eyes open.  Ready?  Set?  Gooooooooo!
After this morning's wake-up temperature (and this was without wind chill factored into the number!), hopefully it will be warmer tomorrow morning when I leave the house or both of my eyes will freeze solid!

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LaughingLady said...

It HAS been wickedly cold over the last month! I am so ready for spring!! (just think, it's only 3 months away ~ HA!)

Yeah, it's funny how after becoming a mom one's feelings about holidays and vacations change a bit! It is just so much more work than the same ol' same-old. And yet, Christmas, in particular, just wouldn't be the same without all the fuss and hubbub! :)

Tammy said...

Ha! I can't even get to the point of counting the days until spring because it is way too far away yet.

It is really hard to get away from the fuss and hubbub when there's children in your life because a lot of it brings rich memories for all of us :-)

Tammy ~@~

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