Tuesday, February 11


As the number of below zero days this winter gets close to 60 days (yes, SIXTY, can you believe it?), an interesting thing has happened.  We've all adjusted to the extreme cold.  Gone are the days of posting about it on Facebook.  Gone are the days of camaraderie complaining.  Gone are the days of not leaving the house.   

People have grown used to wearing several layers of clothing all day long.  Warming up our cars before we go anywhere is common place. Talking about what is going on around the world is back to being a topic.  Getting out and about to connect with others is happening more.  The extreme cold hasn't left (minus 21 degrees as I type this), but we are handling it much better

It really is quite fascinating to observe.  

Was it turning the calendar page that helped?  Disbelief in the groundhog's predictions?  The birds out and about singing in the morning?

Something changed that brought us hope of spring.

As I consider the difficult season in my life, an interesting thing has happened.  I'm adjusting to the extreme situations that are filtering across my path.  Gone are the days of each situation being constantly  on my mind.  Gone are days of all the "what if's" that bring anxiety.  Gone are the days of not wanting to face certain people or places or events.  

My heart has grown used to this being a new reality in my life. My heart is turning each situation over to my Heavenly Father who truly is the only One who can change others and impact the future.  My heart has received the strength and courage it needs to approach certain people or places or events.

It really is quite fascinating to observe.

Was it from beginning  a new devotional in the new year that addresses these specific kinds of things?  Disbelief in what the world predicts can be the outcome?  The encouragement and support of friends rallying around me?

Something changed that brought me HOPE of new beginnings.

And there is no doubt that a steady filling of God's Word and His promises have the ability to do the transformation work my heart and mind need to live fully for Him.

Like my verse from yesterday:  "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." ~ Romans 15:13 

Going through a difficult time?  Try filling your life with God's Word and see what happens!

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