Thursday, February 20

good grief!

My youngest has followed the pattern of several of her siblings....she has turned into a voracious reader.  She enjoys reading and working her way through various series.  The problem is that we often don't have all the books of a series so it means waiting on the interlibrary loan program for their arrival.  That is REALLY HARD to do when the weather is extremely cold keeping us indoors even more than usual.  So, it was a great blessing recently when she meandered among our own bookshelves and ran across a very much loved collection of books that were read by me as a child and which her siblings have enjoyed through the years, too.


It is a very fun collection of books which are easy to pick up and put down over and over again.  They are a relaxing read and she's always giggling about something.  That giggling leads to this....."Mom, you have to read these two pages.  They are so funny!"

Nothing beats some good clean fun reading on a cold snowy winter's day, even with several expressions of - "Good grief, Charlie Brown!" - mixed in with it!

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