Tuesday, February 25

the common mercies

"Let us daily praise God for common mercies — common as we frequently call them, and yet so priceless that when deprived of them we are ready to perish." ~ Charles Spurgeon

It's so easy to get grumbly this time of the year as the winter wears on and on and on.  Our thankful list often feels like it's shrinking.  Sometimes it requires us to look beyond the easy list of thanksgiving (home, family, good health) as we realize that EVERY thing comes from our loving Heavenly Father.  

Here's a quick list as I sit here at my desk....my new favorite coffee cup, pencils, a pen, a calculator, a friend who sewed me a pretty cover for my Bible (three things there!), warm fuzzy socks, curtains that can be shut to keep the heat in at night, paper, my backpack, yarn for my scarf, the desk I use, my computer, the clock ticking away time, a purring cat, coupons for groceries, the sunshine out my window, my resting garden, my checkbook and God's provision within it, the cord that powers my computer, the water that made coffee, healthy lungs for each breath I take, eyes to see all of these things, fingers to type all these things, and ........well, you get the point.  Once you start, it's hard to stop!

Spend some time making a common mercies list and watch your heart grow in thankfulness!

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RETA said...

Beautiful post and blogspot! Thank you for your kind words. Great idea!

RETA@ http://evenhaazer.blogspot.com

Tammy said...

Thank YOU for your kind words!

Tammy ~@~

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