Friday, February 7

write for Him

The week has flow by and here we are at Friday already.  Up for the challenge of five minute writing? Write for five minutes on one word.  No editing. Post it.  Then go to Five Minute Writing and read what others have written and leave them a note of encouragement.  The word for this week is WRITE.  Ready. Set. GO!


Having a woodburner is a wonderful thing in many ways.   It keeps the house a steady warm cozy temperature.  It is so economical to use if you have easy access to a wood supply.  It builds muscles in those who split, stack, and carry each piece of wood.  AND it is the perfect thing to sit by when you want to read and get warm at the same time.

But it's also the perfect thing to sit by when you want to write. Specifically when you want to write to God.

For a mom whose life is busy multi-tasking her multi-tasking with a variety of situations that are filtering through her life, it is often hard to process it all.  And when you pray about it, your mind wants to multi-task.  But when you sit down by the fire with a pencil and paper, there is a focus that allows all the words to be flowing out written line by line and often with tears.  Then you can take the written pages, commit them ALL to God, and toss them in the woodburner with no trail for anyone to stumble upon.  It's one of those safe moments between you and God that meets a huge need in your life.

Watching the flames as the written words disappear warms your heart knowing that God has heard, it doesn't change a single thing about how much He loves you, and He'll lovingly answer in His way and His time.

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Amy Tilson said...

I used to do this a lot when I was younger. anything that was bothering me, I would write out on paper and then tear it into hundreds of little pieces. It is quite cathartic. I guess it is very much like a prayer. I should start that again. Thanks for these words.

Mary Hill said...

So beautiful. I love the idea of burning our words and writing as a sacrifice to God.

Thanks for sharing.

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