Monday, March 31

no limits understanding

"Not being able to fully understand God is frustrating, but it is ridiculous for us to think we have the right to limit God to something we are capable of understanding." ~ Francis Chan

Life is so beyond my understanding so much of the time.  

And yet I need to remember that God is always moving. Situations all around me are lining up for His perfect timing. What makes no sense right at this moment may someday - in hindsight - make perfect sense.

Help me not want to limit God, but to walk in faith and trust in His unlimitedness.  

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Friday, March 28

the mighty part

Friday is here already and so is the weekly writing challenge. Write for five minutes on one word.  No editing.  Post it.  Link it up at 5 Minute Friday Read the post before yours and be sure to leave a word of encouragement.  The word for today is MIGHTY   Ready!  Set!  Go!


So many things that have been happening around me are quiet yet powerful reminders of how mighty I am NOT.  

This point was brought to the forefront of my mind yesterday as my ten year old daughter and I were talking through her Bible lessons.  The topic?  The life of Job.  Of course we laughed about the "Have you entered the storehouses of the snow" line as the heavy wet spring snow was clumping outside our windows.  But the more you study Job's life and his interaction with God, the more you realize that there is only One who is truly mighty - the LORD.  

Even when a friend's mom unexpectedly dies.  Even when a couple's grandson suddenly takes his life.  Even when a woman who is barely making ends meet loses her job.  Even when a teenager is rebellious. Even when a marriage crumbles.  Even when more snow is in the forecast.  Even when.....I can't muster up even a little bit of mighty.


And I know with all my heart that HE hears my prayers for each one of those situations.  My prayers are mighty when they are placed in the Hands of a mighty God.  And I'm mighty thankful about that!


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Saturday, March 22

the starry solitude

A recent devotional that I read mentioned the use of photographic plates by early astronomers which helped record the wonder and glory of God's starry skies.  It sparked my interest enough to drag out a couple of my old (from the 60's) Britannica Encyclopedias to read up a bit on photographic plates as well as astronomy.  

Photographic plates are simply glass squares which are cleaned and then covered with a special solution which contains silver salts making them very light sensitive.   The plates must be kept very still and exposed for a very long time which will reveal a positive image of millions of stars unable to be commonly seen through a telescope.  

The devotional spoke of how important it is for the hearts of believers to be cleansed through confession and repentance as they prepare to be still and wait patiently before God allowing His glory to be revealed.  

All of this caused me to ponder more about God's glory found in starry skies.  There's nothing like stepping outdoors on a clear crisp night when the stars are brightly glimmering above. And yet.....and yet, there's REALLY nothing like being at our log cabin on the lake and stepping outdoors on a clear crisp night in skies that are even much darker and void of city lights to see the many more stars brightly glimmering above and reflecting on the still waters of the lake below.  It's especially wonderful during the early spring or late fall when the mosquitoes aren't around and you can lie on the dock looking upward for what seems like forever.  There's a sense of not wanting to move.  Of wanting to soak in God's awesome glory. Of feeling very little in the midst of God's enormous creation, yet feeling greatly loved by Him.  Of being overwhelmed by Him, yet wanting to reflect His light into the lives of others.

Sometimes there are very dark times in our lives.  And yet, if we are willing to  cleanse our hearts with true repentance preparing to be still and wait patiently, He reveals His bright and glimmering glory.  Suddenly we realize it isn't about us, it's only about HIM and His great love for us.  

Be still, my friend, and watch for His glory!

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Friday, March 21

jumping for joy

Here we go on our weekly writing challenge!  Write for five minutes on one word. No editing. Post it.  Link it at Five Minute Friday  Read the post before yours and leave a word of encouragement behind. So simple and a great way to meet new friends.  The word for today is JOY.  Ready!  Set!  Write!


When beginning my journey as a mother over thirty years ago, for some reason I went into it thinking that it was a zero to eighteen year commitment with each one of my children.  That once they began adults, my main mothering skills could be semi-retired.  How very far from the truth I've discovered that to be!  The true test of mothering comes when your children become adults and you continue to love them unconditionally from the sidelines as they face decisions that are much more difficult than anything you ever faced when they were growing up in your home.  It's made me really miss the days of all my children being little.  They were exhausting days indeed, but there was never a dull moment when there was a toddler in the house. The intensity of curiosity as they discovered the world and all those "kids say the darnedest things" times are sooooo treasured as I look back.  There was a joy present that kept me going through sleep deprived endless messes kind of days.

So what a delight to have three of my grands arrive here yesterday after not seeing them in months.  And when bedtime arrived, God blessed me with one of those incredible joy moments that my heart has been ohhhh sooooo missing.

A seventeen month old jumping jumping jumping on the bed. Falling jumping smiling laughing.  Repeat over and over again without losing a bit of energy in the process.  Only stopping for a moment for a quick smiling snuggle with his grammy.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for that reminder of JOY!


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Thursday, March 20

steps away from spring

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant." ~ Anne Bradstreet

Ahhhhhh, we are still deep in snow as we welcome the first day of spring.  We've definitely had a LOT of winter this year (what?  two to four more inches of that white stuff tomorrow?!?!?) and I cannot even begin to imagine how wonderfully pleasant spring will be when it finally arrives.

A couple of weeks ago I had just a small sweet oh so brief taste of spring when paying a quick visit to Georgia.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the trees were budding.  

It gave me hope.  

Hope that our snow won't last forever and sun, birds, and budding trees will be in our future here, too!

Happy Spring to You!

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Monday, March 17

Daybooking in March

For March 17

Outside my window.....the skies are gray as snow is in the forecast AGAIN.

I am thinking.....that I should perhaps get out my seed catalog and order what I need for this year's garden.

I am thankful.....for the delivery of extra firewood from friends as we are so close to running out this year.

I am wearing....flowered flannel pajama bottoms, a long sleeved shirt that matches the bottoms, and a brightly colored hoodie as I'm not quite ready to start my Monday yet.

I am hearing.....the little heater that takes the chill out of my bedroom in the mornings.

I am wondering.....if I need to take our dog in to the vet or not?  He's definitely not feeling well, but is it something that will pass or not?  You never know what dogs will eat out in the woods that sets their stomachs off.

I am overdue baby quilt for a grandson.

I am start *thinking* about spring cleaning which is the first step in actually doing it, right?

I am reading....."Winter Watch" by Anita Klumpers

I am praying.....for my son and daughter-in-law as they get closer to baby time.

I am short our springs tend to be and this one may be the shortest ever since the winter keeps stretching on and on.

I am soon be walking outdoors again once the snowbanks along the backroads have melted.

On my how difficult the unknown must be for the family members of the passengers of the missing airplane.  

From the learning senior has hit the "let's get it done so I can graduate" stage.  Yippppeeeee!

I am learning....that you never stop learning.  It is a lifetime process as God continues to reveal new things all the time.

Noticing that.....God is working in some unanticipated and unexpected ways within our family and this is good even if it's painful at times.

I am looking forward to.....SPRING!  SPRING!  SPRING!

Pondering these words....."Trust God in the dark until the light returns." ~ A. W. Tozer

From the kitchen.....the refrigerator is stocked with vegetables and a few fruits for a daughter who is determined to do a juice fast after eating junk for a week while on vacation with friends.

Around the house....are little fur bunnies as the dog and cat begin shedding their heavy winter coats.

One of my favorite things.....are the texts from my oldest daughter of the funny things my grandchildren say.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....include traveling to an appointment which will include some shopping afterwards, a few days of work, preparing for a family visit, an evening meeting, correcting schoolwork since we are behind a couple of weeks (yikes!), a chiropractic appointment, and hopefully some work on a quilt.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....
I have been babysitting my brother-in-law and wife's plants this winter while they have been living in warmer places and their Christmas cactus just began blooming like crazy.  It's so nice to see COLOR this time of year after looking at nothing but white.

Thank you for stopping and visiting my daybook on this day. If you'd like to visit others who are participating in the March daybook or write a journal yourself, please stop over at Peggy's at Simple Woman's Daybook

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Saturday, March 15

the only way

(pin from

Through the years I've grown away from worrying.  

My hope is that this becomes automatic in my life in each and every situation. 

Not just the hard ones.  Not just the pressing ones.  Not just the painful ones.  Not just the dramatic ones.  Not just the crush my heart ones.

But even the every day ones.  You know, the every day kinds of things that happen that don't seem worthy of the Lord's time. Even those are important to talk to the Lord about because as you engage in Him in every little part of your life you'll then be blessed to see how amazing His grace is found intermingled in every little part of your life.

Keep a steady conversation with the Lord throughout the day (and sometimes even throughout the night) taking everything to Him in prayer.

From your lips to His heart.


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Friday, March 14

sitting with the crowd

Friday is here and it's time for the weekly writing challenge. Write for five minutes on one word.  No editing.  Post it.  Link it at Five Minute Writing  Read and leave a word of encouragement on the post that came before yours.  Simple. The word for today is CROWD.  Ready!  Set!  Go!  


They came into our family one by one and we transitioned with each one.  Never really noticed that our family was becoming a crowd until people would walk into our home and immediately note the size of the kitchen table.  That table provided a place where our crowd of nine children would gather for the regular entertainment of eating together.  Baby on my lap nursing, toddlers squawking, kids picking through their food to look for those undesirable things like onions or mushrooms, boys loudly competing with words, cups being spilled, food being dropped for the dog. In general, loud chaos and craziness.  

But it remains one of my favorite things.

The crowd around my table.

Only a few left at home now rushing their way into adulthood and making the atmosphere much different.

Yet on the rare occasion when they can all travel home at the same time, there those nine will once again be crowded even more tightly around the table with their adult bodies.  Add to that the spouses and grands.  Still loud chaos and craziness.

And I sit and listen as they banter now as adults with differing opinions. My heart loving each one as the individuals they've grown into and hoping that someday they will love and accept each other on those same terms.


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Wednesday, March 12

stink no more

Some good news about the Polar Vortex which we have struggled with all winter as it broke cold records throughout the Upper Midwest.  It appears that the extreme cold weather has killed about 95% of the stink bug population.  That's great news for farmers and gardeners!  Read about it in this article from Rodale News - Stink Bug Rates

And no, that isn't anything close to being a stinkbug in my picture but is instead an amazingly beautiful dragonfly.

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Tuesday, March 11

do you really?

"Do you really want to love God more?  I know I do. And if you are His child, you do as well.  Then let us stop ignoring Him for days at a time.  Let us surround ourselves with people whose influence on us will deepen our love for Him.  Let us set apart time to be alone with Him.  And let us, by His grace, receive from Him the love He wants us to return to Him." ~Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Do you really?  Relationships take time, energy, and a heartfelt desire. It's a matter of being intentional.  Of choosing priorities on a daily basis.  The closest relationships we have in life are with those who we invest in with our own lives.  Make your closest intentional relationship with Jesus.  His love will carry you through today AND will last into eternity!

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Monday, March 3

head for the psalms

"Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice......." ~ Psalm 96:11a

The verse for March comes from a wonderful psalm which reminds us how very great our Lord is.  It's worth a few minutes of time to read the entire psalm which turns our focus to Him and away from whatever may be happening in our life.  

And the picture for the month?  Ahhhhh, it seems like spring is so far far away at the moment and that we'll be waiting a long time until we will see flowers and butterflies again.

Best to keep focused on the Lord and not on the sight outside my windows!

Tammy ~@~

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