Friday, March 21

jumping for joy

Here we go on our weekly writing challenge!  Write for five minutes on one word. No editing. Post it.  Link it at Five Minute Friday  Read the post before yours and leave a word of encouragement behind. So simple and a great way to meet new friends.  The word for today is JOY.  Ready!  Set!  Write!


When beginning my journey as a mother over thirty years ago, for some reason I went into it thinking that it was a zero to eighteen year commitment with each one of my children.  That once they began adults, my main mothering skills could be semi-retired.  How very far from the truth I've discovered that to be!  The true test of mothering comes when your children become adults and you continue to love them unconditionally from the sidelines as they face decisions that are much more difficult than anything you ever faced when they were growing up in your home.  It's made me really miss the days of all my children being little.  They were exhausting days indeed, but there was never a dull moment when there was a toddler in the house. The intensity of curiosity as they discovered the world and all those "kids say the darnedest things" times are sooooo treasured as I look back.  There was a joy present that kept me going through sleep deprived endless messes kind of days.

So what a delight to have three of my grands arrive here yesterday after not seeing them in months.  And when bedtime arrived, God blessed me with one of those incredible joy moments that my heart has been ohhhh sooooo missing.

A seventeen month old jumping jumping jumping on the bed. Falling jumping smiling laughing.  Repeat over and over again without losing a bit of energy in the process.  Only stopping for a moment for a quick smiling snuggle with his grammy.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for that reminder of JOY!


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Missindeedy said...

Oh my - what joy unbounded a 17 month old can bring! I can imagine that you just soak in those moments, from how you wrote here. What a sweet share!

Richelle Wright said...

was recently talking about that mothering commitment with a friend of mine who feels that parenting adult children is more dramatic and traumatic than parenting the 0-18 years...

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