Friday, March 14

sitting with the crowd

Friday is here and it's time for the weekly writing challenge. Write for five minutes on one word.  No editing.  Post it.  Link it at Five Minute Writing  Read and leave a word of encouragement on the post that came before yours.  Simple. The word for today is CROWD.  Ready!  Set!  Go!  


They came into our family one by one and we transitioned with each one.  Never really noticed that our family was becoming a crowd until people would walk into our home and immediately note the size of the kitchen table.  That table provided a place where our crowd of nine children would gather for the regular entertainment of eating together.  Baby on my lap nursing, toddlers squawking, kids picking through their food to look for those undesirable things like onions or mushrooms, boys loudly competing with words, cups being spilled, food being dropped for the dog. In general, loud chaos and craziness.  

But it remains one of my favorite things.

The crowd around my table.

Only a few left at home now rushing their way into adulthood and making the atmosphere much different.

Yet on the rare occasion when they can all travel home at the same time, there those nine will once again be crowded even more tightly around the table with their adult bodies.  Add to that the spouses and grands.  Still loud chaos and craziness.

And I sit and listen as they banter now as adults with differing opinions. My heart loving each one as the individuals they've grown into and hoping that someday they will love and accept each other on those same terms.


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Paula said...

How wonderful you had a large table to gather around. Life gets so quiet once they all leave home. Lucky for us we have two grandchildren who came to brighten our lives

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