Saturday, March 22

the starry solitude

A recent devotional that I read mentioned the use of photographic plates by early astronomers which helped record the wonder and glory of God's starry skies.  It sparked my interest enough to drag out a couple of my old (from the 60's) Britannica Encyclopedias to read up a bit on photographic plates as well as astronomy.  

Photographic plates are simply glass squares which are cleaned and then covered with a special solution which contains silver salts making them very light sensitive.   The plates must be kept very still and exposed for a very long time which will reveal a positive image of millions of stars unable to be commonly seen through a telescope.  

The devotional spoke of how important it is for the hearts of believers to be cleansed through confession and repentance as they prepare to be still and wait patiently before God allowing His glory to be revealed.  

All of this caused me to ponder more about God's glory found in starry skies.  There's nothing like stepping outdoors on a clear crisp night when the stars are brightly glimmering above. And yet.....and yet, there's REALLY nothing like being at our log cabin on the lake and stepping outdoors on a clear crisp night in skies that are even much darker and void of city lights to see the many more stars brightly glimmering above and reflecting on the still waters of the lake below.  It's especially wonderful during the early spring or late fall when the mosquitoes aren't around and you can lie on the dock looking upward for what seems like forever.  There's a sense of not wanting to move.  Of wanting to soak in God's awesome glory. Of feeling very little in the midst of God's enormous creation, yet feeling greatly loved by Him.  Of being overwhelmed by Him, yet wanting to reflect His light into the lives of others.

Sometimes there are very dark times in our lives.  And yet, if we are willing to  cleanse our hearts with true repentance preparing to be still and wait patiently, He reveals His bright and glimmering glory.  Suddenly we realize it isn't about us, it's only about HIM and His great love for us.  

Be still, my friend, and watch for His glory!

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