Friday, April 11

a simple stroke of light

Spring is springing and Friday is writing!  Time for the weekly challenge of  writing for five minutes on one word.  No editing. Post it.  Link up at 5 Minute Friday.  Then take some time to read the link before yours and don't forget to leave an encouraging word behind!  The word for today is.....PAINT.       Ready!  Set!  Go!


As I think back to the paintbox of old, I didn't like using the dark colors when I painted.  I liked the bright colors that would disappear quickly from the paintbox. Let me paint a lot of bright yellow and orange sunshine was my urgent call to action. And if I were painting today with the choices available, there'd probably be a lot of pastels or neons included. 

I'm still not a fan of dark colors.  Intense colors.  The colors always left untouched in my paintbox.  And yet over the past several years, those paint colors have showed up a lot in the scenes of my life.  Difficult things to walk through in the black valley.  Dark clouds.  Multiple shades of gray.  

The only thing that has kept me going has been looking through all the dark to find that bit of bright yellow and orange.  SONshine.  Jesus.  The bright light that will never leave me nor forsake me as it peeks through the darkness. That glimpse of SONshine through the dark cloudy days that continues to give me courage and strength and peace.   The beam of His love as He shines it right into my heart.

Just paint me Jesus!


Tammy ~@~


Julie said...

Yes, we walk through the dark to find the light! Thanks for your post. Visiting from FMF.

LaughingLady said...

Beautiful post, Tammy! I'm the opposite ~ I always preferred (and still do) the dark, intense colours. But not so much in the artwork of life, I guess! :)

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