Friday, April 18

resolve the glue shortage

A rather somber feeling Friday.  Time to write for five minutes on one word.  No editing.  Post it.  Link it up at 5 Minute Friday where you'll find a community of writers who are writing on the same word.  At the minimum, visit the link before yours and leave a word of encouragement behind.  The word for today is GLUE.  Ready!  Set!  Go!


We live in a very broken world in the midst of a glue shortage.  

Oh, there are plenty of quick adhesives out there to help in a pinch, but the results are often fleeting which leaves people wondering what to do with the pieces that are still falling to the ground.

The answer, of course, has been with us for over 2,000 years. Jesus.  The reason for the current season is a display of how He was broken for a broken world because of His great love for each person. But He didn't stay broken.  The cross and the tomb weren't the end.  It was the beginning as He rose from the dead and is ALIVE!  His great consuming abundant healing love is the free gift of glue for each person as it sticks us firmly to Him for eternity.  

But no one in this broken world is going to know about it without someone living it out before them.  Hearts joined together in Christian love who share fellowship - hopes, fears, prayers, woes, burdens, compassion, comfort, care, worship - need to be willing to step outside that safe place to sacrificially and lovingly share His healing glue with broken people around them. That kind of glue is unceasing and ever flowing. Works better than all the words and money the world will use for mending.  Use with reckless abandon trusting Him for the finished masterpiece.


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Adrienne Graves said...

A beautiful picture of what unceasing and ever-flowing Christian love can look like. Thank you for sharing your heart this morning on healing glue. Have a blessed weekend!

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