Thursday, April 17

the unexpected parallels of life

Life is interesting, isn't it?  

A little over two years ago, we had a big snowstorm early in March that dumped over a foot and a half of snow.  
It happened on the same day that one of my daughters and I were scheduled to fly to warmer places.  Instead of driving down and leaving our car at the airport a little over an hour away as we had planned, my husband had to drive us to the airport with his four-wheel drive pickup truck since the roads were so bad.
My daughter and I were kind of sad to be leaving all the deep snow behind as we'd miss playing in it, but it was so nice to get on the plane without a flight delay despite the snowy weather.  
By evening the two of us were barefooted walking the beaches of Tybee Island, Georgia,  with a son and his fiance and enjoyed eating supper at the Crab Shack while sharing bits and pieces with the cats that wandered through the open air restaurant.

Fast forward to now.  All of our family are here, there, and traveling everywhere at the moment.  Only my daughter and I were home last night when we went to bed with snow falling while knowing we were in a winter storm warning area and looking forward to what morning might bring.
By the time the snow had stopped late this morning, a total of sixteen inches of wet heavy snow had fallen.  It was extremely hard to shovel because of the  weight of the snow due to the moisture content.
What was cool was walking down to the garage where the snow had been plowed and seeing the most beautiful aqua color in the cracks of the chunks of plowed snow.  It looked like ocean water!  (I tried my best to photograph it, but obviously didn't do it me, it was the most beautiful color!)
Instead of walking on a beach, my daughter and I strapped on snowshoes and took a hike down our driveway to the lake.  It was fun to walk all over it in our snowshoes while the poor dog's steps took him straight down to the slush.  Although I've lived in snow country all my life, this was the first time I had ever snowshoed!

To me, it was just interesting that my daughter and I had missed the last big snowstorm because we were off traveling together.  Today everyone else was off traveling leaving just the two of us to play in the snow together.  Isn't it cool how God puts random things together to delight us?  God has a way of making us smile by arranging details in ways that we could never imagine.

Soooo, even though a snowstorm in mid-April wouldn't be my choice as it prolongs an already too long winter, I would have missed this "first" had it been spring already.  Life is too short to miss any opportunity to try something for the first time, don't you agree?

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