Friday, May 23

always close

Hard to believe it's Friday already!  And a long weekend ahead, too.  Time to write for five minutes.  No editing.  Post it.  Link it at Five Minute Friday and be sure to visit the link before yours to leave a word of encouragement. The word for today is CLOSE.  Ready?  Set!  GO!


While sitting and pondering the word for the day that could be written about taking it in so many directions,  the computer on the desk next to mine is playing these words….“Oh no, you never let go, through the calm or through the storm” .  Guess God answered the direction, eh?

How close is God in your life?

He goes before you.

He stands behind you.

He is always by your side

He will never leave you.

Whom shall you fear?
I know our time with the Lord tends to greatly diminish when the waters of our life are calm.  Yet if we invest in quality time of study, prayer, and worship during the smooth waters they will be key in realizing all of the above during the storms.   The winds may howl, the boat may toss and turn, and thunder and lightning may shake you to the core; however, you will know in your heart that God is close.  No need to fear. 

And you will be able to say, “still I will praise YOU!”


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Kaye said...

Thanks Tammy for your reminder to seek God at all times. Isn't it great news that God is always with us? Kaye

Krista Dowdey said...

Visiting from FMF. Beautiful reminder. Thanks for the encouragement.

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