Friday, May 9

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'Tis Friday and the challenge of five minute writing.  Write for five minutes.  No editing.  Post it at Five Minute Friday  Check out the post linked before yours and be sure to leave a word of encouragement behind.  The word for today is GRATEFUL. Ready!  Set!  Go!


As Mothers Day is almost here, there's one thing I am so grateful that I did throughout the years - stayed home with my children.   What a blessing it has been to get to know them on so many levels as I've watched them grow from newborns who snuggle while nursing to young adults starting their own families.  

Having that time with them has been so valuable in relationship building and brought with it knowledge about parenting that only comes with experience.  

Having that time with them has taught me a lot more about God’s character as well as it has more clearly defined His love, faithfulness, forgiveness, mercy, and grace.

Having that time with them has revealed much more about my own character that is perhaps the most humbling part.  How prideful we can be in our mothering *thinking* we are doing what is right and loving, yet realizing much later that perhaps some choices we made can do more harm than good. 

How grateful I am that God’s grace is sufficient through the good, the bad, and the ugly throughout the journey of motherhood which incidentally does not end once they leave home.  Once a mother, always a mother!


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martha68 said...

hi tammy, i'm your next door neighbor at FMF. nice to meet you:) i think we have a lot in common.

does anyone raise their children and NOT have a love for GOD's grace? wow! when i look back and see all the goofs i made:( i am more grateful than ever for His grace that overcame my failings.

i see you love working w too:) i wasn't able to completely stay home all the time. had to work part time along the way and a couple of years full time during the college years.

my husband was a pastor. we were missionaries for about 7 yrs. when our kids were born.

i don't know what part of the US you live in, but if it is anywhere near where i ive or one of my kids lives, i'd love to meet you:)

very nice to meet you here. martha

Lisa Moles said...

what a wonderful thing to be grateful for. I worked and worked and worked and last year, through God's grace, my mother needed to move in with us and me to stay at home with her. So with kiddos 11, 14 and 86, I became a stay-at-home mom. And I feel so grateful for this time. I'll never "catch up", but I'm sure trying. Happy Mother's Day.

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