Friday, May 30

getting down to nothing

Looking at the calendar and realizing this is the last Friday in May! How did that happen?  The month has flown by.

Now for the challenge of writing for five minutes on one word. Post it.  Link it up at Five Minute Friday.  Read the post before your own and be sure to leave a note of encouragement. Soooo, the word for this week is - NOTHING.  Ready!  Set!  GO!


Apparently going on the Scriptural principal that we bring nothing into the world and we cannot take anything out of the world, a son home from college for awhile before leaving on his summer internship is on a mission -  EMPTY THE HOUSE.  No small feat for any human considering this house has been part of our family since 1978.  No small feat especially considering 9 children have been raised (and some are still being raised) in this home while also homeschooling which tends to lead to more stuff.  
(a look at the dumping of games)

Yet?  Yet he's picked a good time to begin this project.  Our house is emptying out as our children grow up.  Things that were necessary or needed are no longer as important.  Things that weren't necessary or needed are definitely serving no purpose.  And those sentimental things? Even they are losing their grip on me as I'm finding that a few special things are all I need to trigger a memory. 

Besides, the older I get, the less I want to be bound by having to take care of lots of stuff.  There is freedom to be found in fewer possessions.  Of course, all my books may be another story……


This may be a post that will need updates on the other days of the week, eh?

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Wendy Klik said...

Cleaning out stuff is always hard. Not only is it daunting work but it takes so long because so much time is spent reminiscing. Good luck to you and your son with this project. Keep writing and sharing with FMF.

hopeannfaith said...

Cleaning out ... purging. I find myself doing this as my children are adults, as well. Uncluttering of a life ... truly daunting. Thank you.

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