Wednesday, May 21


Something interesting has happened.  A magazine has started coming to our house.  When the first one came, I assumed it was a sample that was randomly being sent to our address. When the second one came, I took another look at the labeling and realized it was actually being sent directly to ME.  
Not knowing who sent it to me, I have no idea if someone thinks I'm a terrible cook and could use some help OR if they think I'm a good cook and could use stretch my skills with some fun new recipes.

They are fun magazines to page through although my family wouldn't know what to think if I served their meals on platefuls with such fine display.  Plus many of the recipes have ingredients that I've never heard of before!  

Until I find out who blessed me with this subscription, guess all I can say is "bon appetit!" as I get brave enough to try some new fancy recipes.

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