Friday, May 2

no lack of mess

Ahhhh, the first Friday in May!  Time for the weekly writing challenge.  Write for five minutes.  No editing.  Post it.  Link it up at Five Minute Friday where you'll find others who are writing on the same word of the day.  Be sure to visit at least the writer before you leaving a word of encouragement behind. And if there's time, visit several other writers leaving a word of encouragement behind.  The word for today is MESS.  Ready! Set!  Write!


Life with a houseful of kids is filled with around the clock busyness.  It is a continuous moving group of various unique personalities all with their own stuff.

It's a mess.  

As a mother you do what you can hoping that each one will feel loved, cared for, provided for, and long with all your heart that not a single one will feel lost in the mess.

And you do it ohhhhhh sooooo imperfectly falling into God's grace over and over and over again.

Then they start growing up, leaving home, and beginning lives of their own with others.  As a mother you watch their relationships and you wonder if they really did feel loved, cared for, provided for, OR did they get lost in the mess?

Tears fall as you realize how ohhhhh sooooo imperfectly you did life through the years as a mother and find yourself falling into God's grace once again.

Yet so thankful to walk through life with all its imperfections learning more and more about God's abundant love for not only myself, but for each one of my family.  So thankful to learn that through His love covering all my imperfections, He's given me a fresh understanding of empathy and compassion allowing me to minister to others.  Not only are His mercies new every single morning, but His grace truly truly truly is sufficient.  


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Jennifer Peterson said...

Yes- falling into his arms again and again covered in grace!! We all feel like this but thankfully He catches us.

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