Saturday, June 21

another step of release

Out-of-town on Friday, so I missed checking in for the Friday word assignment.  Tonight I thought I'd see what the word was and then suddenly I couldn't resist the urge to write.  Even if it IS Saturday.  So here goes.  Write on one word for five minutes.  No editing.  Link it at 5 Minute Friday.  Read the link before yours (or a bunch before yours) and be sure to leave an encouraging comment. The word for this week is RELEASE. Ready?  Set?  Go!
(as the bird leaves the nest)


Thursday and Friday were spent doing something I've done before with my older children.  College orientation.  It felt somewhat like BTDT, yet with each child it's a bit unique perhaps because each child is so unique.  Sitting through the different parts of the program you realize that this child is now entering new territory.  Territory that you won't really be a part of except when they call home wondering about this or that or the other thing.  It's the first big leap of release as they make their transition into adulthood.  And although there's parts of a mother's heart that are so very excited, there's that bittersweet part, too.  You know that part.  That part that says, "She was just my baby, how can she be going off to college?" as the whole release thing hits a bump in the road.  Oh wait, that's not a bump in the road.  It's a lump in your throat accompanied by eyes that suddenly want to rain on the parade. Oh, and that's all accompanied by the feeling of panic of all those things this child doesn't yet know but should be told before you release her yet you know there won't be time to do that anymore.  

Yup, it’s amazing how many emotions suddenly become alive at college orientation….

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Anonymous said...

College! Oh my! You made me tear up, and my oldest is only 4. God bless and glad I found you through FMF.

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