Friday, June 27

lost for a moment

It's a bit surprising to not only see that Friday is here again, but that we are almost to the end of June already!  Oh know how the summer always goes much faster once you get past the Fourth of July!  Let's not think about that and instead think about the quick writing challenge of the day. For five minutes write on the word of the day.  No editing.  Post it.  Link it where a community of writers are doing the same thing at Five Minute Friday.  Be sure to click on the link before yours AND leave a word of encouragement behind.  The word for today is - LOST.    Ready?  Set?  GO!
(the map that was left at home)


Having checked google maps the night before to see where I had to go and with the handwritten directions by my side, my youngest daughter and I left the college orientation for her older sister to visit some family for an overnight.  Simple, right?  Until we were traveling along on the road that should have taken us straight to the interstate and instead we found a "Road closed" barricade across our path with no detour arrows.  


With a one way street before us and no map, we traveled in the only direction we could and entered an urban neighborhood that caused me to quickly lock our car doors.  

Lost.  Another gulp followed quickly by a prayer.

"Lord, help us!  Be our GPS!"

Because you see, I'm not a north south east west kind of traveler.  I'm a turn at the yellow house kind of person. Without a sense of direction, I had to tune in very carefully to the Lord's leading.

And before I knew it after several turns this way and that, I could visually see the interstate and where I needed to go to get on it.

Found!  Smile. 

A good reminder that when I'm feeling lost in life how important it is to ask the Lord for help to be my GPS through the situation.  It will take focus and truly tuning Him in to be found once again.


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Rebecca Onkar said...

Prayer does make a difference! I've been there and I am directionally challenged myself. ;) Glad you made it safely to your destination.

got2havefaith said...

Love that...God is our GPS!


Loved the idea of God as our GPS. Stopping in from FMF. Loved the post.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy! Yes... oh, that we would rely on him like that all the time! Thanks for your lovely tale - I can so identify with it.

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