Friday, June 13

traveling messenger

Wow!  Can't believe I haven't been here all week!  The past days have been a crazy kind of busy with not much relief ahead.  Good thing this only takes a few minutes to do.  Time to write on one word for five minutes.  No editing.  Post it.  Link it up at Five Minute Friday  Read the link before yours (and others, too!) and be sure to leave a comment of encouragement behind.  The word for today is MESSENGER. Ready?  Set?  GO!


There is always a sense of wonderment when you hold a baby in your arms.  What will they grow up to be?  What specific purpose and plan has God gifted them with that will be used in the days of their lives?  

Then you get a glimpse of it when they stretch their wings a bit before flying the nest.  Like that little pink bundle in the picture who will be starting a drivers education course later this summer.  She is on a plane right now on the first leg of her journey toward a country across our borders to spend some time being a messenger.  The group she is with  all have a desire to share the message of forgiveness, hope, and love found in Jesus Christ.  

Having had older siblings travel around the globe with the same message, she knows it could be life impacting.  But I don't think she is thinking about how it will impact her.  She's thinking about how she can impact others.  She knows that  a few words of a powerful message shared with love can impact a life for eternity.  

For eternity.  

Not all messages hold such power.  

Covering her with prayer and trusting God for her protection and care is a faith building exercise for the messenger's mom.  

Godspeed, my little messenger!


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BusyB said...

it is vulnerable sending a child to be a messenger of truth. But, as you said we do it not just so they can influence others for good but to witness how the message changes them.

Melissa R said...

Spreading the Gospel is so important. I'm glad your daughter was drawn to do it, and you are brave enough to let her go.

Isn't it a little bit startling to realize that our babies are old enough to start driving??

Tammy said...

It is always interesting to see how the experience changes them since it's often not in the ways you may think. Children truly do grow up "in the blink of an eye" and I realize it the most when I find old photos of them.

Tammy ~@~

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