Monday, July 21

picking weeds, ummm prayers

Once upon a spring I was trying to decide what to do about a garden.  Life is busy around here.  My kids are growing up and most of those at home work all summer.  It would be a lot of work if it was just my youngest and myself having to do all the planting, weeding, and harvesting.  So, did I want to even plant a garden this year?  Or maybe only plant a small one?

So, before I left for the long Memorial Day weekend, I asked my husband to please till the garden.  
Ohhhh, he tilled it alright.  But he also did a landscaping project on the hillside by the garden that he's talked about for years.  Did I mention that his project substantially increased the size of my garden?  Did I also mention that after seeing my new garden I had to go into the house for a few minutes to cry?  It really did overwhelm me, deflate me, discourage me, that much.  

I went from no garden to maybe a small garden to a much larger garden.

It took me two weeks to recover as he added more fencing to re-attach the garden gate before I began the project of tackling the planting. Once all was planted, I closed the garden gate to let it grow.

The summer went on in a flurry of busyness.  So much happened at work, at home, within our family.  So much on my mind.  So much on my heart.  

Then I looked out my bedroom window the other morning and saw my garden.


Seriously out of control.  
Yes, this bad.  At least the sunlight makes it look bright and cheery, right?  Because my attitude wasn't bright and cheery as I began.  Nope.  Not even close to bright and cheery.

I quickly determined that I needed to define all the rows and areas of veggies to kind of outline them by pulling those weeds first giving them the light and watering they needed to grow strong and productive. Then we could do more general weeding between the rows and edges to clean up the entire garden.

My crew of girls disappeared rather quickly as I spend several hours each day over the weekend sitting in the dirt pulling weeds and hoeing along the way.

Improvement was noticeable as I headed to the shower at the end of each day full of dust and dirt.  
But, you know what was more noticeable?  My attitude.  The act of pulling weed after weed in the quiet of my garden allowed me to pull thought after thought out of my mind.  No one to disturb me as I pondered work, home, family.  Honestly, I hadn't had quiet pondering time like that in a LONG LONG time.  And all those ponderings unraveled a lot that had been on my mind which naturally led to prayer on my knees.  

My garden.  The perfect place to pray. 

Finally my head hit the pillow last night with muscles and joints complaining. But my heart?  It was so full of thankfulness for a much too large garden which provided a much needed pondering time that provided the much needed prayers for so many life situations.  

Perhaps God enlarged my garden to enlarge my faith during this growing season?  Time will tell!

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LaughingLady said...

Beautiful post, my friend. Inspiring, as always.

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