Tuesday, July 15

the swoosh is beginning

There are so many times I wish blogging was around when I first began raising my children.  What a wonderful way to journal the happenings of life!  But alas, I didn't discover it until my youngest was almost four years old.  So, instead you get posts like this one.....one of the "firsts" for my last child.

My children loved going away to camp.  Perhaps a bit scared at first, but the stories that came home always spoke of delightful adventures.  As they grew up, they would often make the decision to go back to our favorite camp and serve as counselors or on summer staff.  

On Saturday, I dropped off my youngest for her first experience of girls camp.  Since she's the kind of kid who likes to have a pretty good idea of what's happening in life (IOW, not a big fan of sudden new changes), I lingered a bit longer to make sure she was comfortable in her new surroundings.  Met all her cabin counselors, arranged her new bed, met her cabinmates, watched her take the swim test, and then walked along to watch her take the horsemanship training.
Once she was done with that, I could tell she was all set for a week long camp experience. I returned to the main camp to get back into my car for a quiet ride back home.  And it's a quiet week around home.  Funny how quickly life changes from the pitter patter of tiny feet to the swoosh of their wings flying from the nest.....

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