Thursday, August 21

changing the drive

On the road again..... the front passenger's seat.

My eighth child received her driver's temporary permit today. It's one of those "here I go again" feelings that I'm pretty calm about at this point.  

Following tradition, I let her drive home - a thirty minute or so ride - and she did well for her first driving experience. I loved that she had a teachable heart as she asked questions along the way (and I hope that part lasts!).

The hard part with a large family who keeps growing up is that as you slowly take drivers off your auto insurance plan as they get on their own, you also keep adding new drivers.  

However, we've also had another big event this week which will adjust our auto insurance in the opposite direction.  We sold our big ol' 15 passenger van!  That vehicle took our big family on a lot of amazing trips as well as helped transport church kids here and there at times.  So many memories and yet our family has definitely shrunk to a size where the van was no longer economical for us to use.  

One new driver, one less vehicle. Easy changes to handle right now as I look forward to some traveling one-on-one time with my daughter.

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